The introduction of Druzstvo Stavoprojekt

Infromation about history, presence and assumed future of the company:

Družstvo Stavoprojekt was founded in September 1998. All partners had a former experience of mutual cooperation lasting several years:

"BOS projekt",association of project engineers, represented by Ing. Zdeněk Sychra
"ATELIER Z s.r.o.", represented by Ing.arch. Radim Bárta
Ing. Jiří Srb
Ing. František Hofman
"ATELIER Pavel Mudruňka", represented by Ing.arch. Pavel Mudruňka
"Ing. Petr Novotný", represented by Ing. Petr Novotný
"ŽĎAF - František Žďárský", represented by František Žďárský
"DASTT Pardubice s.r.o.", represented by Ing. Jan Menšík

The company contains 24 project engineers. We are an open company able to accept new partners. The basic capital of the company is 1. 000. 000,-Kč.

The projects are made in a digital form.
Technical support: The company is equipped with softwares and hardwares that are necessary in order to complete any kind of a project. (i.e. SW - AutoCad with upgrades, Revit, Autocad Map, static determination programs FEAT, IDA etc.)

Our policy to costumers:
  1. we make sure we understand exactly what the customer demads
  2. we apply the best possible way to create the optimal project
  3. we approach to the customer as to a partner and his concerns are our concerns also
  4. we are at your service from the beginnig to the end (that is to the approval)
  5. our work is professional, we correct mistakes if there are some
  6. we work as a effective, felxible, and efficient team
  7. we will not bother you with every little obstactles that may appear
  8. we learn from our mistakes

We understand that every project is unique. Therefore according to a nature of it we hire external co-workers and companies. (Smooth cooperation with them is assured by a many-year experience). The most important proffessions reside in one building which gives us an easy way to co-ordinate our work.